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Artificial body art has been part of body beautification for many years,  it is mostly common among the Arabs and also the Hausa tribe

 But lately it has taken over all around from Muslim to Christians,  male,  female,  Africans,  and the White people popularly knien as (Oyinbo) . In a nutshell it  has become global

Good day and welcome to todays edition of "The Gist with sisi joke"

Our entrepreneur for today is a Nigeria base henna artist

What is your name?

Ajao Rofiat omowunmi

What kind of business are you into?

Henna business ( Artificial body art/tattoo)

Since when have you started this business?

 April 4 2009, but i started my online business December 4 2016

Do you have a name for your business

Yes which  (Roffies Signature)

How did you drive this name?

It was extracted from my name (Rofiat)

What make you choose this kind of business?

I choosed this business because of my creative talent in body art

Do you work alone or you have employees?

I work alone,  but i have 2 graduated trainee

How do you advertise your business?

 fliers, social media (Instagram @Roffies_Signature, whatsapp: 08144516901) and also one on one advert

Do you have a place people do come to meet you for henna, or you go meet them at there destination?

 103 mushin road,isolo Lagos is the address of where i make henna for people and i do home service too (Depend on the client preference)

Have you ever turned down a client?


Are you available to travel to make henna design for client ?


For bookings how can people reach you

Through my business line :0814 451 6901,

What advice would you give to someone who is just starting out?

At first it seems easy but nt too easy but with patience, prayer nd focus! One will get to d Top, never ever quit

Here are some pictures of her design

Roffies Signature logo

Join us nextweek as we bring to you yet another interesting edition of "The Gist with sisi Joke"

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