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Poultry farming is the process of raising domesticated birds such as chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese for the purpose of farming meat or eggs for food. Poultry - mostly chickens - are farmed in great numbers. 

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What is your name?

Seidu Seun

 What kind of business do you do?

I am into poultry business (layers and Broilers)

What makes you choose this kind of business?

My love for nature and being What I studied in school

When did you start this business?

Started in 2017 when I moved to Ilorin

How did you derive the name for your farm?

SS&A Farms simply means *Seidu Seun  and Adedoyin Farms*  form my name and my Fiancee's name

What is the difference between broilers and layers?

Broiler birds are birds reared for their Meat while layers are reared for their eggs. For a lay man and broilers soften appear white and robust with little comb while layers mostly appear Brown, Black or White (rare) with big enlarged comb and mostly not as robust as broilers

How often do layers lay eggs or Is there a specific time for layer to lay eggs . Or is there a particular process to follow for them to lay eggs frequently?

Ceteris paribus, layer lay eggs everyday.  It's takes about 24 hours for a laying bird to process the egg and the longest time is the time the egg spends in the shell gland where the shell is being formed.

The only process is to feed theblayong bird the appropriate ration (Layers Mash/pellet) daily.

How long does it takes a broiler/layer to be old enough for sale

Broilers today take at least 8weeks to attain table weight and ready to sell, however some people keep broilers for up to 3 months.  Layers on the other hand start laying at about 18weeks and can lay for up to a year and half before being sold off as spent or old layers

 Why is it necessary to provide housing for poultry

It is necessary because it is a prerequisite to their well-being. Just like human, they need shelter to prevent them from the weather and predators too

Is there anything wrong if human beings share a house with poultry?

Apparently it is not 100% ideal but with proper demarcation it is possible.  Proper separation of the pen house from the farm house.

How is the size of a house determined  for a given number of birds?

Size of the house is determined by a specified floor space requiremt which is 1.25ft per bird at maturity and 0.25ft during brooding..  So in essence for 100 birds we have (100*1.25sqft=125sqft)

How far apart should a poultry house be to each other?

Poultry houses should be at least 10 to 15fts apart to allow flow of air and also reduce pen house cross contamination

Do you fumigate poultry house also?

Yes.  Fumigation is done but mostly  before the arrival of the birds. It could be done using virucidal or iodophores.  Also it could be done using formalene and potassium permanganate

 What are the likely diseases of the birds (chicken)?

Many diseases of which the most prominent ones are Gumboro, Newcastle, CRD(Chronic respiratory disease), fowl pic, coccidiosis etc

Can  sick birds (chicken)  be keep together with normal ones?

Sick birds should be culled (separated) from healthy birds.

Can  chicken of different ages be mix in the same house?

It is not ideal as the older birds will be stronger and will compete for feed better than the younger birds,  also older birds have better resistance to disease than the younger ones.

 But with proper demarcation, they can be kept together in separate portions of the pen house

Can the birds feeds and water be put in the same place?

No.  Water and feeds should be kept separately in different containers (feeder and drinker)

How can the sex of a baby chicken be determined?

Sexing of chicks are mostly done at the hatchery. To a lay man, sexing can be done by using the wings of the chick. When stretched the wing of a male chick will be short while the wing of a female chick will have little extensions. Another way is to check the vent as female birds will have a round vent.

What are the weight of the various sizes of egg?

 48g up to 67grams

why do chicken lay different colors of egg?

It is because of their varied pigmentation, however the yolk and egg white are never different.

Are brown egg healthier than white egg?

This is an agelong debate, and my take is none is healthier than the other.  They contain same type of protein (Albumin)

Is broilers feed different from layers feed?

Yes.  Broiler feed has more protein than layers feed and also has more energy than layers feed

What is the different between
Grower feed
Starter feed
Finisher feed

The difference lies in their varying crude protein and Energy level.

Starter having the highest protein and lesser energy compared to finisher. Growee is intermediate is fed mostly to birds that will be kept for a longer period, has the lowest protein and energy level.  Finisher has the highest energy and a protein level lower than starter but higher than grower

Is booster a good medication for the birds (chicken)?

To some it is,  but to me I am not a fan. Reason is that whatever we feed these birds we humans are at the receiving end cos we consume them, so I'd rather reduce the amount of synthetics I feed the birds

 What are the negative effects when sun rays shine directly into a poultry house?

It could cause heat stroke when not properly managed. As poultry birds don't have sweat glands(yhey can't sweat), they burn up easily when exposed to too much sunlight.

That's why it is advisable to build poultry house in the east to west direction to circumvent the exposure.

What is debeaking in poultry term .And why do poultry farmers debeak?

Debeaking or beak trimming is the process of reducing the beak of layers by a sqare inch.

This is done to reduce cannibalism amongst the birds also it helps to avoid the birds pecking on their eggs during laying.

How noisy are chickens?

Broilers are generally not very noisy as noise can be used as an indication to judge a birds well being (broilers make more noise when hungry or when predator is sighted or when frightened) this is applicable to layers too.  However layers make noise due to their laying state.

How do you market your farm produce ?

I market by processing and also sale of live birds.  This is the most challenging part of the business but once you get a market, stay true to it.

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