Man kills hinself after discovering his girlfriend is blind

Man Meets His Girlfriend in Person For First Time, Kills Himself After Discovering she is blind.

A 28-year-old man from Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia decided to take his life on Monday (24 December) due to his frustration after finding out the girl he wanted to marry was blind.

When the victim’s body was found and identified by the local police, his family was informed of the unfortunate incident. His father then told the police that he accompanied him to see the girl he intended to marry prior to the incident.

  The victim never met the girl before this, and according to Tribun News, he received the girl’s phone number from his own father who obtained it from a radio station broadcast.

The victim initiated a relationship with her and intended to marry the girl. “After meeting her, he was surprised as he was not expecting the girl he was talking to on the phone to be blind all this while,” said the father.

According to Pro Kalbar, the girl even contacted her sister to inform her that she would not be getting married but was clueless as to why the marriage was not going ahead.

 Before taking his own life, the victim called his brother and told him he decided not to marry her and will commit suicide instead.

He switched his phone off after ending the call so he could not be contacted again. His father was even searching for him as he was nowhere to be seen before receiving the news that his son was found to have hanged himself.

According to Astro Awani, the body was found at a warehouse in Kecamatan Kayan Hilir. Our prayers are with the victim’s family. May he rest in peace. 

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