LAMP OF LOVE (Written by Asiwaju Zainab)


Love could be sweet when you have it
I knew not the pleasure until we met

Do you forget easily?
Okay let me take you through the 
ocean of past memories
You lifted the lamp of love to my face
And I see beyond the flesh
You smashed love into my eyes
And I get the insight of exact you

When you're away
Your infectious smiles
Twinckled in my eyes

This is a confession
You're the sunshine in my day
The moon that appears in my night
You're my secret
You're the word I say
And words I couldn't say
You're my dream every night

Life might be tempting
But you will remain my beau
So let them go on queue

I always want to look into your eye
Where I've found ocean of affections flowing
Let me love you till the end

LAMP OF LOVE (Written by Asiwaju Zainab) LAMP OF LOVE (Written by Asiwaju Zainab) Reviewed by SISI JOKE on September 05, 2018 Rating: 5

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